Sunday, January 3, 2010

Storybook Showcase

Demigod Daycare
It is a special occasion at Demigod Daycare: the Muses themselves have come to tell stories to little Heracles and Perseus and the other children of the gods and goddesses.

Gossip Girl: The Dirt on Hawaii's Elite
Gossip Girl dishes the dirt on Hawaii's kings and princes, queens and princesses, celebrities whose love lives are full of every scandal you can imagine.

Sigurd the Sailor: The Voyages of Sigurd the Volsung
Instead of a faithful steed, this Sigurd rides a magical ship, sailing forth to do battle with sea-dragons as he seeks adventures worthy of a hero of the Volsungs.

Fairytale Case Files
From light-hearted tales of elves to the brutal baking of a witch in her own oven, Wolfgang Forrester is on the case!

Hero Visa Pending
It's not easy being a clerk in the afterlife, as you will learn from Marcus, secretary to Lord Hades himself.

Three Goddesses and their Birds
At this slumber party, the stories are not about princesses from fairy tales but about the goddesses of ancient Greece and their distinctive bird companions.

The Heroes' Diaries
Who will turn out to be the real hero: the Monkey King, Sindbad the Sailor, King Arthur, or Perseus? Read their diaries to reach your own decision.

Live On, University Legends
After you read this Storybook, you will never think about Walker Tower or the Cate Center in the same way again.

The Gospels: Tales from Our Dads
Four boys, four dads, and four different gospels, all of which contain stories from their own perspective about the life of Jesus.

Justice al Dante
Dante as district attorney, Vergil as the judge... and a brand-new intern who is here to witness the parade of the wrong-doers on trial in the afterlife.

Fantastically Tragic Deaths in Greek Mythology
Persephone understands the world of the live and the world of the dead, and she takes a special interest in the heroes of the Trojan War who are making that transition from life into death.

Queen of the Underworld
From rebellious teenager to Queen of the Underworld, Persephone has stories to tell that are full of drama and intrigue.

Pride Goes Before Destruction
Pride can lead to the ultimate destruction of death, so who better than Death himself to tell you stories about the perils of pride?

Novel Nursery Rhymes
You may know the words to these familiar old nursery rhymes... but do you know the stories behind them? The old rhymes told in new ways are full of surprises!

The Mysterious Gaeilge Diary
Will anyone ever fully understand the myseries of the Gaelige diary? See what you can make of the clues contained in this manuscript found in a bottle.

Aesop Animal Pairs
The animals in the zoo are curious about life beyond the zoo's walls. They have heard stories about what happens to their wild cousins, and their share those stories at night, after all the humans have left the zoo.

The Search for Bo Peep's Sheep
Bo Peep has lost her sheep, but she has a whole world of nursery rhyme friends who can help her to find them.

Lions of Aesop
Grandfather Lion is sharing lessons learned wtih the little cubs of the pride .... and you get to listen in!

Sky Warrior: A Tournament of Champions
The brave warrior Pyppa does battle with the flying creatures of the gods' arena as each round threatens death in a new form — Medean dragons, the bloodthirsty flying goddesses called Keres, and more. What will she do in order to survive the ordeal?

Luminescent: The Supernatural Creature Laboratory
Have you heard of The Island of Doctor Moreau? In this modern Moreau story, weird creatures — including an Egungun from Africa, the Headless Horseman of American legend — have been collected and caged for scientific study. But what happens if the creatures break out of their cages?

Merlin's Mystery Men
In this game show modeled on The Dating Game, Merlin is your host, and Katy Perry is seeking love among the three mystery contestants, all heroes from world mythology — but who are they exactly? And whom will she choose in the end?

Mean Girls Morals
Cady Heron has learned a lot from her experience with The Plastics, and she sees a strong connection between the "Mean Girls" and the lessons taught in Aesop's fables. Whether you are a fan or Aesop or of "Mean Girls" or both, you will have fun with this one!

Tokyo Underworld
Orimi works for the Urban Legend Department of the Tokyo police force, and she has a gruesome murder to solve. You'll have to pay close attention while she interrogates Teke-Teke, Tanuki, Kuchisake-Onna, Jinmenken, and The Professor if you want to find the murderer!

Faery Legend
This Storybook is a wonderful example of interwoven stories, where characters appear and re-appear from one story to the next, and the stories themselves are all magical love stories about humans and faeries.

Korean Tales: Kindle of the Kinfolk
These stories are told by the Sun and the Moon, with the warm personality of the Sun contrasting with the colder personality of his brother the Moon. Together they watch the world of human beings with great interest.

Heroes Revealed: The Truth
Charon the boatman has ferried many heroes to the shores of the afterlife. So that you can learn just what it means to be a hero, Charton will take you to meet Heracles, Beowulf, King Arthur and Cleopatra, who will tell you the stories of their own heroic deeds.

The Fairy Godmother Union Strike
The fairy godmothers are tired of being taken for granted and have gone on strike. King Edward is infuriated at their behavior, but the fairies use their magic powers to show him how badly things would have gone without the fairies arranging for those "happily-ever-after" endings.

Project Humanity
AXKZ-1029 has been put in charge of the "Human Research Program," seeking to understand these strange creatures who had once inhabited the Earth by reading their ancient myths and legends. What AXKZ learns from those stories will change him, and the Earth itself, forever.

Murders in the Bible: An Eye for an Eye
Brace yourself for this Storybook in which the ancient tales of murder told in the Bible are entwined with murders taking place right here, right now in gripping and gruesome accounts of the sins of jealousy, power, lust, and murder itself.

The Last of the Seapeople: The Weight of the World
This Storybook contains the tales of Shameil, last of the seapeople. The seapeople once thrived in the great waters of the world until humanity destroyed their habitat, and in the stories of the seapeople and their lost civilization is a warning for us all.

Marvelous Mermaid Tales
Charley Greene loved the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand between her toes — but she never expected to meet a mermaid as she walked along the beach. The mermaid invites Charley to journey with her beneath the waves. What would you do?

Happily Ever After? A Prince's Perspective
This Storybook takes a look at the "ever after" of some famous fairy tales and finds that the princes are now wondering "what if" things had turned out differently. What if Beauty hadn't returned to Beast's castle for example? Read this Storybook to find out.

Ancient Chinese Fairy Tales
You probably know many fairy tales from different European countries, but what about China? This Storybook contains three distinctively Chinese fairy tales, full of magic, adventures, and many surprises.

The Rumpelstiltskin Show
Rapunzel and her girlfriends have gotten together to watch the Brothers Grimm get skewered on the Rumpelstiltskin Show. It's payback time for the long-suffering characters of the stories told by the Brothers Grimm!

I Was a Teenage Mythological Creature
On this reality TV show, there are five contestants — Charlie the Unicorn, Ashley the Harpy, Serena the Siren, Milo the Minotaur, and Jack the Chimera — and you can read all the behind-the-scenes gossip in their not-so-private diaries.

The Real Arabian Nights
You may know the heroes of the tales of the Arabian Nights, characters like Aladdin and Ali Baba, but in this Storybook you will see things in a new way as the evil magician from the story of Aladdin shares with you his own version of events from those famous tales.

A Dog's Adventures
In this Storybook an intrepid dog named Bentley leaves behind his home in Norman in order to travel the world, meeting with other dogs and listening to their stories as he visits Mexico, France, and Italy.

Underwater Attractions: A Mermaid's Salon
Meet Keely, who has her certificate in hair styling and beauty treatments from the Underwater Hair School for Mermaids. This is where mermaids come to get their hair and nails done, and also to hear some mermaid tales of love and adventure.

Greek Heroes: The Untold Tales
Desperate and alone, a mysterious man named Joed discovers an ancient scroll in the midst of the desert. The scroll contains the stories of heroes, and these stories have the power to transform Joed's life completely, much to his own surprise and amazement.

Tea and Fairy Tales With Miss C
In this Storybook, you are the guests of the fairies at a tea party hosted by Miss Cynthia, and with each new cup of tea there is a new fairy story to read. The tales that come from all around the world, as do the fairy guests.

Hero Academy
Inside the ancient fortress of a remote citadel are the training grounds of the Hero Academy, and under the instruction of Master Felgar the future heroes debate the virtues of mythical diplomacy and the role of mankind in a world of many living creatures.

Characters of Christmas
It's not easy being a Christmas character, as you'll learn here from the stories of Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa Claus — and even that anonymous grandma who got run over by a reindeer.

Princess Peaches, Puppy Princess
This Storybook is all about Princess Peaches, the ruler of Caninelandia, and the members of her court, such as Lord Percy Peacock, the Honorable Richard Rabbit, and Countess Ophelia Owl.

Siren, City in the Clouds
Welcome to the world of Siren, a city in the sky, founded in the year 2433, which hovers on a floating island. It may be far away from the Earth, but the adventures of the city's inhabitants echo the fairy tales of Earth's ages-old storytelling traditions.

Finals Week: Death Notes
Finals week is hard enough — and just imagine how much harder it would be if you were being haunted by a banshee in the depths of Bizzell Library . . . or worse!

Jason and the Argonauts' Quest
You may be familiar with the story of Jason and the Argonauts, but you have probably not heard the story told this way, in the form of Jason's own diary, capturing his thoughts and fears at the bizarre events which take place on his journey to seek the Golden Fleece.

Legendary Heroines: The Diary Accounts of Four Courageous Women
In this Storybook, the diaries of four courageous women — Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Zenobia, and Lady Godiva — speak for themselves.

Louisiana Animal Folk Tales
It's Mardi Gras and you've arrived just in time for the party at the home of Henry the Alligator, who has plenty of stories to tell you about his animal friends like Compair Lapin the rabbit and Mr. Turkey. Let the good times roll!

Ghost Tales of a Traveller
Japan is a country haunted by many ghosts, and as our fearless traveler goes from town to town, there is a ghost in every place, each with its own story to tell.

Odysseus Goes Shopping
In the beginning, there was a list —a shopping list — and adventures worthy of Odysseus await Sam, our intrepid shopper, as he dutifully attempts to acquire all the items on that shopping list in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tales of Gothic Creatures
This Storybook begins with stories around the campfire, but the campers begin to disappear, one by one . . . until a horrifying revelation in the final story.

Alexander the Great, Reborn!
Alexander the Great lamented that he had only one world to conquer... but imagine Alexander in outer space, with one planet after another that can be his. This Storybook tells the adventures of Xander Mace, a character strangely reminiscent of the ancient Alexander.

If Dragons Took Over the World
In this Storybook, dragons have indeed taken over the world. Learn the story of the dragons' struggle with mankind in the lessons that Teaching-Claws-Firebreath shares with his young dragon pupils in Dragon History class.

The Fairy Tale World
Cinderella, Snow White, and other fairy tale heroines are kidnapped by modern-day TV show producers who compel them to participate in a reality TV show — but the heroines just want to go home!

Remember the Alamo!
In this historical Storybook, Sam Houston is your storyteller, sharing with you his memories of the heroes of the Alamo, including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. He even lets you take a look at their dairies and letters.

Once Upon An Antiques Shop
Our modern-day heroine Lilly visits a mysterious antique shop and hears the story of "Beauty and the Beast" as told in many different countries, each story conveying a message of its own as told by a surprising new storyteller each time.

Mermaids: An Eternal World of Waters
Inside a mysterious grotto on the ocean's shore, Lydia finds a tattered book, adorned with pearls and clamshells — a magical book which "shows" the dramatic stories of Melusina and other famous mermaids.

Lost in Fairyland
Imagine that you slipped and fell in a puddle — and then fell through the puddle and into a fairyland. How would you ever get home again? Having a fairy map and a fairy compass might help!

Everything is Froggy
Your friendly frog storyteller has been collecting frog diaries for quite a while and is now ready to share with you a frog's perspective on famous folktales like the German Frog Prince (he needs a kiss!) and the Russian Tsarevna Frog.

Living in the Past: Tales of Ancient Vietnam
Vinh, a Vietnamese-American teenager, vacationing with his parents in Vietnam, finds himself pulled into a mysterious fantasy world where he meets four powerful dragons and a beautiful young woman named Sen.

Legends of Fire
Deep in the woods is a tavern, and sitting around a table in that tavern are four wild-looking men: dragon-hunters! Listen to the stories of what happened when they confronted mighty dragons all over the world, from Scotland to Turkey to India.

Magical Mermaid Tales
Walking along the ocean's shore, Estelle discovers a shell — and it is no ordinary shell. Inside that shell are the secret stories of the mermaids, tales of love and heartbreak, gratitude and vengeance, emotions as deep as the sea itself.

What It Is To Love Oisín
Oisín (Ossian) is one of the great national heroes of Ireland, and here you meet Oisín through the eyes of those who love him: his mother, his father, his lover Níamh Chinn Óir and the land of Ireland itself.

Stories from a Celtic Creature Criminal Court Clerk: Fairy Vice Division
Even mischief-making fairies have rules that must be obeyed, and in this Storybook you will read about those fairy tale criminals who have broken the laws of fairyland. What will the courts decree as punishment for wicked fairies such as Willowflitter, Grumgottels, Rainwasp and Moonsplatter?

Automatons: Robots of Legend
This story contains legends of mythological robots, beginning with the legendary Talos, guardian of the ancient Greek island of Crete, and the mechanical eagle that fed each day on the liver of the Titan Prometheus.

Hotel California
In this eerie Storybook, Daphne and Felix Cross check into the Hotel California and — just as you would expect — they can check out any time they like, but they can never leave . . .

Tales from Lost and Forgotten Artifacts of Japanese Lore
In a museum filled with items collected from fairy tales, there is a special room with items from Japanese fairy tales — a mirror, a pestle, scissors, and a shovel — animated objects who wile away the time by recounting their past adventures.

Man-Eaters: Lillith's Lair of Lascivious Ladies
There are clubs . . . and then there is Lilith's club. You really should have thought twice before you entered, and you might start looking for an exit now, before it is too late!

Rocky Mountain Tails
You are invited to join a camping expedition in the Rocky Mountains. Snowed in, you spend your time in the cabin listening to stories of ghosts, buried treasures, and tales of how the mountains themselves came into being.

The Journey of Don Quixote
Given that Cervantes' Don Quixote has been a great influence on later literature, it makes perfect sense that Don Quixote would be honored by other famous literary figures such as Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Bella Cullen, and even Mr. Grey.

Folly Governs the World: Tracking Till Eulenspiegel
Like all great tricksters, Till Eulenspiegel pops up where you least expect him, and this Storybook features the famous hero of medieval legend causing all kinds of trouble on the social networks of modern-day America.

Delays and Layovers: Trials of Travel
You've probably been the victim of airline delays, forced to spend some time — hours and hours of time — in an airport somewhere. In this Storybook, some hapless international travelers take advantage of the time to share stories on the topic of travel from all over the world.

Fairy Godmother: Diary Thief
There are all kinds of fairy godmothers out there, and the fairy godmother you will meet in this Storybook is a kleptomaniac.: she steals diaries! Thanks for her bad habit, you can take a peek into the private lives of fairy tale characters.

Tales from the Bayou
Meet Mama Nora, who is full of stories from the backwoods and bayous, and she also has some gumbo and other good Creole cooking to share with you as well. So, be warned: don't read this Storybook on an empty stomach!

Elf Tales: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Have you ever wondered what Santa's elves do during the rest of the year? Or what they did before they went to work at the North Pole? This Storybook is about Chaz and three of his elf friends, with stories from their past lives, pre-Santa.

The Towers that Be
Towers have a good view of any given situation, and in this Storybook the towers themselves are the storytellers, sharing the adventures of princes and princesses — Rapunzel is the most famous one of all — from the tower's point of view.

The Temptation of Zeus
Zeus took an endless series of lovers among the goddess, nymphs and women of the world, and in this Storybook you get to hear their side of the story, learning from Hera, Metis, Sinope and Alcmena just what it means to be the beloved of Zeus.

Nature Tales of the Cherokee
Victoria is a little girl who wants to hear stories about princesses. Her grandmother, though, decides to tell her the stories of her people, the Cherokee, about the world of nature.

Desperate Goddesses: Life on Mythological Lane
Izanami-no-Mikoto, the Japanese goddess of creature, has left the world of the living long behind, but she still watches over the desperate goddesses of Mythological Lane — Aphrodite, Pele, Ishtar, and Devi — and shares their stories with you.

Italian Fairy Tales
In this Storybook, Marco — an Italian living in the United States — chooses his favorite Italian fairy tales to tell to his little daughter, hoping to share with her the enchanted stories he heard when he was a little boy in Italy.

Monstrous Beings of Greek Mythology

This Storybook features fire-breathing bulls made of bronze, savage bird-women called "harpies," and the twin perils of Scylla and Charybdis, notorious monsters of the sea.

Tale of the Traveling Cat

Join Duke, the time-traveling cat, as he visits ancient Egypt and Japan; he even visits Muhammad in Arabia, who mistakes Duke for his beloved cat Muezza.

Norse Giant Perspectives

The giants are often the foes of the Norse gods such as Odin and Thor; in this Storybook you get to hear the stories told from the giants' point of view, with the giants as heroes of course.

The Roaring Lion: Demons and the Desert Fathers

In this Storybook, a man named Adam journeys on a spiritual quest to Saint Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai desert, and in a series of earthly encounters and heavenly visions, he is transformed.

The Princess and the Green Serpent

This dramatic retelling of Madame D'Aulnoy's classic "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale begins on a stormy night in Bizzell Library . . .

Goddess Talk

And what are the goddesses talking about? They are talking about the Judgment of Paris, of course, and the golden apple to be given "to the fairest" among them.

The Vintner's Tale: How Chaucer Ruined The Canterbury Tales

The vintner is not someone that Chaucer included in his version of the Canterbury Tales . . . but if you want to find out what really happened on that pilgrimage, you need to read the vintner's tale!

An Owl's Tale

A wise and sympathetic owl named Alice has been taken to an animal preserve because of her broken wing, and by the time her wing is healed she has told stories that charm the other birds and her human listeners too.

The Mermaid Diaries: Tales of the Sea

This mysterious collection of mermaid diaries contains some of the most dramatic and even tragic mermaid stories you could ever read.

The Children's Biblical Zoo

Take a trip to the Biblical Zoo, with Gabriel himself as your escort, and hear the stories of Mary's donkey, the lions who knew Daniel, the frogs of Egypt, and even the great fish that swallowed the God's messenger, Jonah.

Tracking the Werewolf

Our hero, John Abbott, is tracking the werewolf, getting closer and closer . . . until we do indeed see the werewolves through his eyes.

Tales of the Black Cat

Two high school boys on a camping trip decide they will frighten their girlfriends with tales of a murderous black cat, but they do not reckon on the fact that the black cat is there too, listening to every story and biding his time until later that night . . .

Happily Ever Whatever

These four intertwined fairy tales tell the story of four childhood friends and their magical weddings, one after another, with the last wedding the most magical, supernatural, and surprising of all.

The Old Names: Name Stories

This collection of stories is told by an alien visitor to the earth from another planet, and on the alien planet, they do not use names — which is why our old stories about the names make fascinating reading for this adventurous alien!

Creatures of Irish Lore

Seeking shelter from the rain, some American tourists stumble into an Irish pub where they hear first-hand stories about banshees, leprechauns, merrows and fairies too, of course.

HGTV: Homer and Garden Television

Join Persephone as she redecorates both in heaven and in the underworld, while Zeus and Hera squabble on camera, and Odysseus goes house-hunting together with his loving wife Penelope — all part of the HGTV line-up for this season.

Ancient Generals: Bragging at Elysian Fields

Alexander the Great awakens to find himself in the Elysian Fields, enjoying the company of the great generals of classical Greece: Themistocles, Leonidas, and Miltiades. The question naturally arises: who is the greatest of them all?

Robin of Sherwood: Sherwood's Side of the Story

Not only is the Major Oak of Sherwood Forest your surprising storyteller for this Storybook, you will also be amazed at the role the trees themselves played in the traditional Robin Hood legends, a secret which the Major Oak himself reveals to you in his versions of the stories.

I Am Not my Brothers' Sister: A Changeling's Journey

A young girl suspects she is a changeling and embarks on a long journey to find out more about changeling legends . . . and more about herself.

A Journal of Three Voyages to Utopia

In this Renaissance adventure, our bold travelers visits the land of Cockaigne, the lost city of Langarrow (now lost), and finally the remotest Utopia of all: Shangri-La in China.

The Thin Line Between Tragedy and Comedy

In this "choose-your-own-adventure" Storybook, you get to decide the fates of Romeo and Juliet. Can they escape the doom that Shakespeare imagined for them? And will that simply lead to another tragic ending, or perhaps to a happily-ever-after ending worthy of comedy?

When Brothers Cross Paths

You probably know the Winchester brothers from the TV show Supernatural, and you surely know the Brothers Grimm, so in this Storybook you can see what happens when the four brothers join forces.

The Demon-Slayer Named Sun

This Storybook contains a dramatic re-imagining of the adventures of Sun Wukong, the Monkey-King of Chinese legend, hero of "Journey to the West."

Lost in the Woods: A Search Party in Peril

A young woman has gone missing in the woods, and her friends are determined to find out what has happened to her. They spread out into four separate search parties, facing the darkness with only flashlights — and stories — to help them find their way.

Tales of Ganesha
Ganesha has devoted followers all over the world, including Norman, Oklahoma. Join Ganesha at Campus Corner and hear the god tell the true stories of his own life.

India Travel Journal
This Storybook contains tales of India's natural wonders — from the river Ganges to the Vindhya Hills — and their mythological origins.

Dreams of the Ancients: Dreams Are Reality
You are dreaming, and then you awake as Rama... who then dreams, and wakes as Vishnu... who then dreams... and wakes...

The Diary of Karma
In this Storybook, you explore the intricacies of karma through the lives of Sugriva, Ravana, Dasaratha and Ahalya, as revealed in their private diaries.

Shadows of the Ishvara: A Search for the Truth
Where are the gods in the modern world? In this Storybook a young man in possession of a sword inscribed with the word "TRUTH" goes on a quest for the gods, meeting Brahma, Vishnu, Yama and, finally, Shiva.

Hindu Goddesses: What They're All About
Little Padmini wants her mother to tell her about all the goddesses — Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati — but most of all she wants to know about Ganga and her makara, the river crocodile on which Ganga rides.

Dreaming of India: What is Real Anymore?
A young American student is on a journey to India, and already on the plane his surreal adventures begin: he sees a giant furry monkey with a golden name tag, Sugriva, walking down the aisle, serving beverages . . . Blogging for Bad Guys
Even bad guys and gals — Kaikeyi, Ravana, Duryodhana and Karna — need to be part of a community, and so they use VPress to share their life's ups and downs in their blogs.

Rate My Rishi
If you've ever used, you'll feel right at home at Rate My Rishi, where the rishis' students, fans, and enemies sing their praises and dish the mythological dirt, too.

Animal Tales From India to Oklahoma: Indian Tales as Told by Squirrel
You've all seen those squirrels on the OU campus, but there is one special squirrel in particular, a talking squirrel, who is eager to tell you the tales of his days in ancient India.

Brahmanda Daily: God Updates with Narada
The divine Narada is the host of a television game show, and today's episode features Shiva and Parvati. Find out just how much Shiva know about his beloved consort!

Hanuman and the Naked Philosophers: The Story of an Ancient Manuscript
Mark and his friends are in possession of an ancient Greek manuscript bearing the name Χάνουμαν — could this be a Greek account of Hanuman, the flying monkey god and most devoted follower of Rama?

Kamaveda, Love Therapist
Humans and gods alike can have troubled love lives — and what better therapist to consult for help than Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love?

Nighttime Nagas
It's not just human mothers and fathers who tell bedtime stories to their children — even naga moms and dads are called upon to tell bedtime stories to the little ones before they go to sleep.

Yama's Collected Souls
Yama himself explains: In all my time of collecting souls, there are a few who stand out in my mind, whose deaths or lives were extraordinary. In truth, every soul I can remember. Certain souls…impress me more.

The Four Elements: Birth and Death Stories
Water, earth, fire, and wind: these are the four elements that make up the world in which we live, and they are also the four elements connected with the stories of Sita, Hanuman, Draupadi and Bhishma, their births and their deaths.

CI: The Goddess Files
Detective Sara Rivers works for the Point Pleasant Police Department, but she is struggling to understand some very unpleasant crimes — crimes which strangely echo the events of the Indian epics.

Karma's Courthouse
Gods and humans alike come before the judgment of Karma in an eerie, otherworldly courtroom. What judgment will Karma pass on Rama, Sita, Maya, and Indra? Are any of the defendants strong enough to challenge Karma's ruling?

Lifelong Devotion: Tales of Love at Karva Chauth
Karva Chauth is an Indian holiday in which women honor the power of love in their lives. In this Storybook, you will spend the holiday with Sita, Ahalya and Radha as they reflect on the dramatic ways in which each woman's loving devotion was put to the test.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Missing River
Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson have come to India for some rest and relaxation, but when they find a murdered woman in their rented room, they have no choice but to pursue the mystery.

Voice of the Ganges
In this Storybook, the goddess Ganga herself speaks to you about her birth in heaven, her descent down to earth, and the role she played in Bhagiratha's mission to rescue the dead sons of King Sagara.

Epic Festivals of India
This Storybook is a "calendar of enchantment" which brings to life the stories and rituals of the festivals of Rama Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, Krishna Jayanti, and Diwali, the festival of lights.

The Brahmazing Race
Brahma is your host for the "Brahmazing Race" in which Team Dharma (Rama and Sita) and Team Asura (Ravana and Surpanakha) compete for the big prize. The race ranges all over India, with the teams facing geographical challenges and epic challenges at each stop.

Ganesha's Enchanted Journals
You might not be surprised that Ganesha is the owner of a candy shop, but he also sells journals in his shop — enchanted journals that allow him to read the words written in those journals by their owners: Kooni, Ravana, Duryodhana, and Karna.

How I Met Your Mother
In this Storybook you will meet three fathers — Santanu, Nala, and Satyavan — and each of them is trying to explain to his sons just how they met the woman who became the boys' mother. As you can imagine, these stories are gonna be legend — ... wait for it... legend-DAIRY!

Tales from the Love Gods: Cupid and Kamadeva
It makes sense that the love gods of two different traditions — Cupid from ancient Greece and Rome, and Kamadeva from ancient India — would have a lot in common. In this Storybook, Cupid and Kamadeva get together and share stories from the world of love.

Evil Women of the Ramayana
In this Storybook, Rama is the storyteller, sharing his insights into the women who caused such trouble in his life: Manthara, Kaikeyi, and Surpanakha. Although Rama was the victim of their schemes and treachery, he brings his compassion and insight into play as he tells their stories.

Stories of an Elephant-headed God
This Storybook is told in the style of Shel Silverstein's poetry, with the adventures of Ganesha — the mango race, the noose, the conch and Ganesha's broken tusk — presented as playful rhymes.

The Ravana Diaries
For many years, an archaeologist has been excavating ancient sites on the island of Lanka, seeking to learn more about Ravana, King of the Rakshasas. Finally one day he discovers just what he has always hoped to find: Ravana's own diary.

Epic Love Stories: His and Hers
This Storybook contains the diaries of two famous couples — Sita and Rama, and Nala and Damayanti — giving you a "his and hers" perspective on their adventures and emotions, telling their stories from both sides.

1000 Ways to Die: Demon Edition
One after another, the asuras and raskshasas meet their deaths. It's "an arrow through the marrow" that undoes Ravana, for example, and Thataka and Hidimba also meet their doom, defeated by the epic heroes Rama and Bhima.

Revealing Illusions of Maya
Welcome to the show "Disillusionment," which is hosted by the goddess Maya herself. One after another her famous guests — King Dasaratha, Queen Kaikeyi, and King Yudhishthira — share with Maya how they were once trapped by her illusions and how they finally saw their way out.

The Brothers of Rama
King Janaka is understandably curious about this man Rama who seeks his daughter's hand in marriage. To find out more about Rama, the king sends Guru Shandu, a great sage of supernatural powers, on a secret mission to learn more about Rama and his brothers.

To Sumitra, With Love
You know Sumitra as one of the wives of King Dasaratha, but in this Storybook you will see the young Sumitra as you read letters she receives from her father, a great warrior and adventurer who traveled all over ancient India.

Character Therapy: Healing in Stories
In this group therapy, four women have come together to explore their hopes and fears, and for each of them there is a healing lesson to be learned from the story of a woman in the Indian epics, connecting their lives across the thousands of years that divide them.

Dharma News Weekly
The Dharma News contains gossip, editorials, court reporting — and there's also a music review, covering Ravana's latest release from Lanka Records entitled "Demon Rap."

Misunderstood Women of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata
In this Storybook, four female characters from the epics — Taraka, Surpanakha, Kaikeyi, and Amba — have come together for a therapy session. Can these misunderstood characters, two she-demons and two women, find understanding by sharing their stories with one another?

Adventures through the East
Travel to Thailand, Nepal and India, with Hanuman himself as your travel guide, along with some help from Jambavan and Sugriva.

Vishnu's Bedtime Stories
As Vishnu is reborn as Kalki, an avatar for the end of the world, he shares the stories of his past avatars in a series of letters addressed to himself as Kalki.

Tales of Kailasa
In this Storybook, you get to meet the mountain Kailasa and listen to him as he shares his stories with Shiva, the mountain's most famous resident.

Indian Horror Story: Tales of the Lingering Souls
This haunted house was owned by a mysterious man named Yash, whose eerie portrait has presided over a series of grisly deaths that echo the episodes of the ancient epics.

Delilah's Radio Hour
Who better to help the lovelorn couple Rama and Sita than the famous radio show host, Delilah?

Paranormal: The Ayodhya Files
Right here, right now, the brothers Rama and Lakshmana are battling demons in Boston and New York, unaware that they are caught up in an ancient battle being fought all over again.

Sita: A Song of Valor
The adventures, both happy and sad, of Sita's exemplary life are told in later years by her son, Master Lava, the village teacher.

Rakshasa Stone Magazine: The Best Demon Music Reviews
Read detailed reviews of all the songs on the latest albums from Ravana and the Rakshasas, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana, and even the new album from Hidimbi's Son, a.k.a. Ghatotkacha.

Post Secret Sanskrit
This collection of Post Secret stories, together with postcards, is told by the Panchakanya, the five women of the epics: Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara, and Mandodari.

Janaki's Journal: Sita's Story in Her Own Words
After Sita returns to the earth, her twin sons find her journal, which relates the story of their mother's life as they had never heard it told before.

Epic Brothers
At the end of his long reign, Rama gathers up the brothers who have survived — Sampati, Sugriva, and Vibhishana — in order to share stories and make one last journey together.

Law and Order: The Shape Shifters Unit
Meet the shape-shifters — Hanuman, Indra, Maricha — whose tireless efforts in defense of law and order now keep the city of Ayodhya safe.

The Magic Map
Our heroine receives a map for her birthday, a magical map which her parents obtained in mysterious circumstances in India many years ago. Where will it take her now?

Yama's Hair Salon
Kaikeyi, Sita, Draupadi, and Kunti all need a break, and Yama's hair salon gives them a place just to get away from it all and relax with one another.

Mysterious Museum: The Vahanas' Stories
In this museum, the artwork takes on a life of its own, and you will hear stories about the gods as told by the gods' own vehicles, the vahanas.

Every Lover a Soldier: Tales of Epic Love
Sita and Savitri know full well the power of love, and together with Damayanti they share the stories of their lives' adventures in love.

Ramayana Poetry
Four poems in four completely different styles about Dasaratha, Sita, Ravana, and Hanuman.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These: Karma Bedtime Stories
Four brothers and sisters each get their own special Ramayana bedtime story.

The Karma Times: I See Everything
Karma may take his time, but he always catches up to you. In these stories, you can hear him explain why he sometimes delays and why he sometimes moves swiftly.

Rama vs. Sita: Love on Trial
Witnesses give evidence, and Sita speaks in her own defense: what will the citizens of Ayodhya choose as the fate of their queen?

Asuras Anonymous
Sit in on this group session to hear about the profound changes in the lives of Viradha, Maricha, and the father-daughter pair of Vibhishana and Trijata.

Lord Rama: The Greatest OU Football Player
Thanks to a Time-Travel Machine, Coach Stoops and Coach Switzer are able to recruit India's greatest to play for the Sooner team.