Sunday, February 17, 2019

Welcome to E-Storybook Central

This website provides links to student projects in the Mythology-Folklore and Indian Epics classes at the University of Oklahoma. Reload for more random projects!


Current Storybooks - Past Storybooks

Most students do leave their projects online, but some students choose to take their sites down, which is the whole idea: it's their choice. If you notice a broken link, let me know. Meanwhile, there are lots (and LOTS) of sites to enjoy.

Below and above you can see  Storybooks that students created for these classes in the past; reload for more. To find out more about the project process, visit the class wiki: Storybooks and Portfolios.


  1. Here via Coursera. This is a fantastic resource even for those not taking your courses. Thanks so much for linking to it.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth - that is one of the things I love about teaching online. You never know just how or when things might turn out useful, or for whom! Happy reading! :-)


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