Sunday, December 19, 2010

FREE Kindle eBooks

Kindle Books . . . without a Kindle. The Kindle is an ebook reader, but the Kindle is also an ebook format that you can use on all kinds of tablets and mobile devices, as well as on a desktop or laptop computer. For example, I read Kindle books on my iPad mostly, or by using the Kindle Cloud Reader in my browser. To learn more about reading Kindle books, including apps to download for your preferred handheld device, visit the Kindle Help section at Amazon. If you like reading books on your handheld, I think you would really enjoy using the Kindle book format.

FREE Kindle eBook list. The links below go to a blog post that provides a quick look at the contents of the book, along with a link to the actual Amazon page. You can look at the blog post to see if you are interested in the blog, and then you can click on the link (in bold) that leads to the Amazon page where you can access a "preview" of the book (usually the first 10 pages or so). If you like what you see in the preview, you can click on the "buy" button - all the books below are free, but the button still says "buy now" - and the book will be immediately available in the Kindle Cloud Reader in your browser, as well as on any device where you have a Kindle app. To find the bibliography information you need - author's name, year of book publication - you can check the front matter of the book, just as you would check the title page and other front matter of a printed book.

NOTE: Sometimes the free books at Kindle are reclassified as 99-cent books; if you notice a book on this list that is no longer free or which is no longer available for some other reason, please let me know!

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