Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Books at Google Books

Google Books book list. The books below are arranged by the name of the author (or editor or translator), which means you will find books from traditions all over the world in no particular geographical or chronological order. When you click on the link, that will take you to the page listing for the Google Book; click on the cover page image of the book to start paging through the book page by page. If you want, you can download a complete PDF file with the entire contents of the book to read offline.

For each of the two books you choose to write about for the bibliography assignment, you will need to include the author's name, the book title, and the year of publication. The books at Google Books are page-by-page reproductions of the physical books, so you should be able to find the bibliography information you need in the front matter of each book (on the title page, or somewhere nearby).

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