Friday, December 17, 2010

Native American Storybooks

For a Native American Storybook, you might want to focus on the stories of a specific tribe, or you might choose a theme and look at how that theme recurs in the stories of different tribes. With the abundant Native American storytelling resources available online, you can find so much great material for either approach!

You might start by looking at some past Storybooks on Native American topics.

Books Online. You will find many different full-text books available online at the Native American Books page. You can also use Wikipedia to learn more about the tribal traditions that get your attention, and many tribes also have websites of their own where you can learn more.

Note: There is also a lot of Native American "fakelore" online, so please be responsible in your Internet search, making sure you are working with material that has a reliable source.

Sacred Texts Archive. The single biggest collection of Native American books online is at Sacred Texts, and you can use a customized Google search at that site to investigate a particular word or phrase throughout the Native American books there. For example, you can look for mentions of the word snake or coyote or corn. Just add "" to your Google search and it will search throughout the Native American (nam) section of Sacred Texts. For details, see the Sacred Texts Resource page.

(Winter Awakening of the O-khoo-wah,
by Helen Hardin [1943-1984];
University of Oklahoma FJJMA)

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