Friday, December 17, 2010

Stories of Other Cultures

In addition to Greco-Roman mythology and Native American legends, you can find myths and legends from ANYWHERE in the world to use in your Storybook. To get a sense of the cultures that students have worked with, take a look at these past Storybooks which feature stories from a range of different cultures.

You might also look at these Storybooks with a multicultural approach, exploring a theme by looking at stories from different cultures on that same theme.

As you can imagine, with a topic this broad, the essential key is finding your focus, identifying the culture and/or theme you want to work on!

Online Resources: You can browse the online books from all these different regions of the world till you find a culture that attracts your attention! You can see hundreds of books organized by region here on the Online Books page, and the Sacred Texts Archive is also a great place to browse region by region.


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