Friday, December 17, 2010

Mermaid Storybooks

Mermaids are a fantastic topic since you can find very dramatic stories about mermaids from all over the world! To get an idea of what students have done with this topic in the past, take a look at these mermaid Storybook projects.

Online Resources: You can find a great selection of mermaid stories at the website, and Dan Ashliman has a nice collection of Melusine Legends, Mermaid Wife tales, along with other kinds of Water Spirits. The Sacred Texts Archive is also a fantastic resource; you can find lots of stories there by searching for  mermaid or merrow. And if you have never read Andersen's version of The Little Mermaid (so different from Disney!), you can find that story in the Andersen reading unit for Week 10.

Note: When you are searching for mermaid materials, please be careful - there is a lot of contemporary fantasy fiction and "fakelore" about mermaids online. You might get some good ideas from reading those stories, but you need to make sure that for your project in this class you are working with traditional legends for which you can provide reliable information about the source.



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